The Freedom Floral Guide to Preserving Your Wedding Florals

Congrats! You tied the knot! You spent so much time perfecting the details of your day, it makes sense that you would want to preserve as much of it as possible, especially that bouquet you held as you walked down the aisle! Today I am sharing some tips + tricks to keep the memory of your bouquet alive, even after the original blooms wilt.

1. Dried flowers: The most common method when it comes to preserving your wedding flowers is to hang your bouquet upside down to dry out. Unwrap the bouquet and instead of keeping it all together, you can separate each flower one by one, to ensure that they keep their shape. You will want to hang them in a dry, dark area. After a week and the flowers have fully dried, you can then arrange them in a vase or you can cut off individual flowers to make a wreath or layer the petals in a glass jar to display their beauty.

2. Pressing: Pressing your bouquet is an alternative to drying that gives a variety of ways to display those buds. Lay out a few pieces of newspaper and pick out your favorite blooms to then lay on top of the paper. Next, place a sheet of wax paper over the flowers and iron on low. Make sure the iron does not have any water in it. Lift the iron every 10 seconds or so to check the petals, and once they are flat, remove the wax paper. Now you are able to arrange your flowers in a variety of ways! Most commonly, brides place them in a floating glass frame.

3. A bouquet painting: This method doesn't preserve the actual flowers, but it is another great way to display your bouquet in your home if dried flowers aren't your thing. If you have a favorite local artist, you could commission them to paint a picture of your bouquet in all their wedding day glory. You could then frame the painting and place it wherever you want in your home! I am personally partial to custom paintings of things, people and places you love. If you don't know of a local artist, there are many artisans on Etsy who could take this on for you.

No matter which option you choose, I know you won't regret preserving these special flowers from the most special of occasions!

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